Military Miss - only four years old. Read her story on our FB page.

Too weak to stand or lift her head, Military received some hand fed water before she was euthanized. She was four years old.

Military on a cold January morning. All three horses were watching the horses in the front paddock get fed twice a day, while they went without. The boards of their paddock where eaten. They had no shelter and no water. The rainrot all three horses had was unimagineable.

Please let us remember Military Miss only 4 years old. She was in the field with Terms of Endearment and Harmony Queen. The owner said she was down because she needed calicium. I don't think so. 

Mission Statement

To rescue, rehabilitate, and provide sanctuary to horses in need while educating the public in the proper care of equines. To provide a special link between rescued horses and people of all ages,  including disadvantaged children and children with emotional and behavioral challenges.

TEAR was formed in 1998 as a 501c3 organization. I was pretty active for several years and then faded off as it became financially difficult to continue. I took a few years off from taking in horses, went back to school for nursing, and focused on caring for the horses that I have here in sanctuary. Now that I have finished nursing school and have a little more free time, here I am again. My goal is to rescue and rehabilitate slaughter bound horses in hopes of finding them forever homes. Please join my facebook group (link listed below) to share horses in need so we can network together in finding them homes. Donations are appreciated and can be sent to Tri-State Equine Adoption and Rescue, 869 Hartly Rd, Hartly, DE 19953 or click the link provided to donate through PayPal. All donations are tax deductible and go to the direct care and feeding of the horses. TEAR is a volunteer based rescue.…

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Please visit us at , join our group on facebook tri-state equine adoption and rescue or follow us on Instagram @tristateequine  Thank you! 

See our newest arrivals below!  Aged gaited gelding and 6 year old pony mule. I also personally rescued a 4 year old Fjord Cross stallion (which has been gelded) for my daughter. He wont be going through Tristate eventhough he was definitely a rescue. The gaited gelding and fjord cross pony were both sick. The pony mule has been fine other than he was supposed to be a gelding.... he is NOW!  All three needed lots of rest and TLC. The gelding was extremely weak and had a hard time getting up once he laid down. I am happy to report he is getting stronger every day and can now get up without too much difficulty. 

We currently are in need of square bales, round bales, feed, and monetary donations.  We know things are tough for everyone so anything you can provide would be very much appreciated.  No amount is too small!   

Your donations are tax deductible.

Tri-State Equine Adotpion & Rescue, Inc.

Founded in 1998, TEAR is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  Tax Exempt number 51-0384911. 

Please click below to make a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated! 

Cookie - She would love to have someone of her own that will be patient and devote the time to her. She is blind in one eye and is a bit flighty but as you can see is curious and loving.