Military Miss - only four years old. Read her story on our FB page.
About TEAR

Formed in 1998, TEAR was formed after learning about the plight of the abused, unwanted, and unfortunate horses heading for New Holland auction every Monday.  That October we ventured to New Holland auction and purchased four horses.  So this journey began.  Sinced that October in 1998, we have rescued, placed, or provided sanctuary for over 150 horses.  While perhaps not as large a number as some of the other rescues, but a number we are very proud of.  A small family based rescue without a huge support base we save those that we can.  We have purchased horses from auctions, helped the local humane association with cruelty cases, and provided horse owners with an alternative to the auction house.  We have met some wonderful horses and awesome people throughout the years and made lasting friendships with both.  We have learned so much. 

Through the years our barns have filled with horses that could not be re-homed for various reasons.  They are living out their days in sanctuary.  Unfortunately this means we can no longer help as many horses as we would like to because of being filled to capacity.  Many of our horses are now in their late 20's requiring special care and feed. 

Your ongoing support is truly appreciate.